Get Cheesy at Rooster Fish Brewing with amazing food from Cheesy Rider!


Our menu is an in-house curated grilled-cheese based specialty offering that rotates regularly and tantalizes palates with unique ingredients and themes and decadent pairings for our brews. Cheesy Rider proudly offers grilled cheese sandwiches made with NYS cheeses and breads from Glen Mountain Market, as well as homemade soups. Check our instagram page for hints or simply stop in and check out what's on-tap and fresh off the grill! 


ALSO AVAILABLE, Hand popped gourmet popcorn

While you're in Watkins Glen, take a short walk down the street and visit our friends at Nickel's Pit BBQ! You can even get takeout and enjoy it in our Beer Garden.

And don't forget our associate bakery, brewpub, and restaurant, the WildFlower Cafe!