Rooster Fish Brewing was already using local ingredients as much as we could before the New York Farm Brewery designation existed. It just made sense! We wanted to source local ingredients and support the local economy as much as we could.


Rooster Fish Brewing is one of New York's first official Farm Breweries.

Rooster Fish Brewing supports local growers and producers. We proudly engage in the regional economy with the use of the following products in our fine craft ales:

  • Locally Grown Hops

  • Fresh Seneca Lake Water

  • Local Organic Malts

The Farm Brewery Plan

In 2013, the Farm Brewery license came to New York State. To earn it a brewery's product must be made primarily from locally grown farm products. Rooster Fish Brewing has always strived to use as much local product as we can - and are proud to have easily deserved a spot in the first group of breweries to earn the designation of a “New York State labeled beer.”

The Farm Brewery plan helps us to provide the best craft ales for you at the most cost effective price, enabling small businesses related to the farming and brewing industries to flourish.

There has been dramatic growth of small-batch farm brewing in New York State and we've been extremely satisfied to have helped lead the pack. Buying local has always been one of our goals!

“In addition to producing some of the finest beer in the world, New York’s craft breweries are creating jobs, supporting our state’s farmers and hops growers, as well as bringing in tourism dollars in local communities across New York”.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo July 18th 2012

Rooster Fish Brewing proudly uses locally grown hops from Pedersen Farms in New York, including the only grower of the rare New York Hops variety.

Rooster Fish Brewing is one of the few breweries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail!


Pure, clean, local water not only helps preserve our precious natural resources, but makes for what we feel is the best, cleanest tasting ales available.


We are very pleased to be included in the Finger Lakes Beer Trail, a directory of shared passion for great New York craft beers.