Refreshing! Light! Our Blonde Ale has a restrained fruitiness and slight bitterness. Great with spicy foods!

Blonde Ale

IBU: 16
ABV: 4.7

Wildflower Wit

Brewed with Pilsen malt, wheat malt and unmalted wheat. Flavored with “gruit”, a combination of coriander, orange and bitter orange. White, crisp, refreshing, and smooth!

IBU: 14
ABV: 4.8

Pale Ale

A traditional English Style dry pale ale with pleasant maltiness and flavorful hoppiness. A true beer drinker’s dream.

IBU: 47
ABV: 5.7

Hop Warrior

100+ IBU, lots of maltiness and 8%+ ABV! A very tasty full flavored ale. It has earned the tag line “Watch out for the Warrior!” This one costs more for your own protection!

IBU: 122
ABV: 8.9